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LoveYourAsset: How Do You Use Your Asset Data?

Thursday 28th October | 2PM (GMT)


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Kenton Turner (CTO) and Paul Irving (Global Product Development Manager) from BPD Zenith discussed modern assets and what can be achieved by leveraging the performance data they already produce...

Kenton talked about some of the capabilities of modern critical assets and how many clients are seeing the benefits of a digital approach, incorporating such things as AI and digital twins on the road to predict...


Paul shared examples and demos of how our clients in various industries are connecting a range of asset data streams, from SCADA to weather data, with LoveYourAsset.

This offers our clients:

  • Complete at-a-glance 'health' overview of the entire asset fleet, viewed in different ways, ie. by location, criticality, dept, etc.
  • Instant alerts and work order automation upon deviations in performance, before they reach dangerous levels.
  • Improved maintenance and strategy planning through scheduled reports and trend analysis.
  • A first step on the road to predict - join the digital revolution!
Although there was an issue for some in submitting chat/questions (our apologies, we're looking into this), engagement/feedback was great, and some really interesting points were raised during the session.

Your comments are appreciated - please get in touch if there was anything from the session you'd like to discuss with us, we'd love to hear from you.

We really look forward to seeing you at our next event - if you would like any further information on Asset Health Monitoring with LoveYourAsset, or anything else from BPD, please feel free to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!


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Most modern assets are already pretty 'smart'

The critical assets your business depends on often produce data on their state or condition, connected to systems such as SCADA, or PI...

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What's in a value?

The range of different data units, values and measurements can often be difficult to access, understand and interpret in relation to overall performance


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What can your data do for you?
Bringing together different data streams can offer you a complete asset 'health' overview, with live alerts and task automation with the slightest change in performance


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