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As SFG20 - BESA's code of maintenance standards and practices - becomes the global industry standard, BPD Zenith discovers the advantages and benefits this can offer when 'built-into' your EAM system...


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What is SFG20?

Launched in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), SFG20 is recognised as the industry standard for building maintenance specifications.

It is the essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants to help save time, energy and money, whilst remaining compliant.

It is a web based service, with a growing library of over 1200 maintenance schedules, covering more than 70 equipment types.


A 'Maintenance Bible' for our clients...   

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SFG20 in FM - Dave Tattersall, Service Solutions Manager at Optimum Group, gave us an understanding of SFG20 from a client perspective, with real-life examples of how the FM industry can really benefit from SFG20 integration and automation with CAFM systems...


Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) Schedules

Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) Schedules

In collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM), SFG20 has created a set of maintenance task schedules specifically for the healthcare sector that are aligned to the Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs).


"SFG20 has simplified the task of setting specifications for our maintenance contractors at the same time as making sure we’re following all correct procedures."

(Brian Dunne, PPM Manager, Estates Department Operations Office St George's Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust)

Specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries

HTMs provide guidance and advice on the design,installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technologyused in the delivery of healthcare

There are over 100 SFG20 healthcare schedules which have been built on the core elements of SFG20 and the requirements of the HTMs, combining current statutory requirements, industry guidance and best practice.

Specific healthcare sets include:

  • Decontamination
  • Medical gases
  • Ventilation
  • Lifts
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Electrical

The healthcare schedules have had technical input and support from Sodexo and have been specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries.

Using SFG20 and its healthcare functional set will ensure:

  1. You remain compliant with the HTMs and industry standards
  2. All the detailed information required is easily accessible, all in one place
  3. Specific tasks for the healthcare sector can be easily scheduled, highlighting the expected service time.
  4. Schedules are fully customisable and colour coded to help project manage more effectively, saving you time, energy and money

SFG20 allows you to customize maintenance schedules to your requirements for a specific building or site so you can use them to create and respond to tenders, as well as for auditing purposes...


SFG20/30/HTM maintenance schedules include:

  • How critical the task is - our colour coded ratings help distinguish what work you have a legal obligation to complete and which tasks are optional.

  • How often a task needs to be carried out to avoid over or under maintaining assets.

  • What skill set would be required to complete the task – mechanical, gas safe, electrical etc.

Asset Owner

"I've found SFG20 to be invaluable. Not only have we seen real cost savings in our maintenance budget but downtime and disruption has also been dramatically reduced."



Maintenance Manager

"With SFG20 I'm saving time and effort by being able to allocate the appropriate maintenance resource in advance. The ability to create custom  colour coded work booklets is also very useful."

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Performance & Reliability Manager

"SFG20 allows us to produce detailed and accurate documentation, allowing us to specify custom maintenance requirements, include timings and produce PDF booklets to support maintenance plans."




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Your SFG20 questions answered...sfg20-logo-white


"Does Maximo have a client / contractor portal for logging jobs and collecting works orders?"
-Yes, Maximo does provide a client/contractor portal for the logging of jobs, collecting work orders and checking status. This is part of the service requester functionality.

"Can the API be set to ignore specific parts of the SFG Lines as some of the lines are not instructional they are guidance?"
-Yes. It is configured to achieve this. SFG20 content can also be modified and as customised schedule that can be transferred over the API

"Some assets (emergency lighting) require annual certification. Is there a plan to integrate such model certification to support the job pans?"
-SFG20 content can be modified and as customised schedule that can be transferred over the API. We would be happy arrange a demonstration to assist on the features with SFG20

"I take it a similar SFG20 API approach operates with other FM packages, e.g. Enterprise?"
-Yes, a similar approach to API integration can be used. BPD have significant experience integrating packages and can quote for such work if required (contact details below).

"Does Maximo Mobile solution allow assets and their references to be changed, or will it only allow moving of, or new assets to be added"
-Mobile is normally used by operators carrying out work on assets. A Maximo administrator will normally have authority to create assets - as that will often involve company standards for asset creation. This is normally done at desktop. However, moving of assets is supported by mobile. We also often carry out asset surveys with mobile – which enables new assets to be identified and base data to be loaded where none exists, for example, in a project where no asset information in spreadsheets is available. In that sense, new assets can be added - happy to discuss further as required.

"Is the Criticality based on the highest criticality in relation to the lowest frequency"
-No, the SFG20 criticality does not take into consideration frequency or intervention it is based on the impact of not performing task, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration to assist on the features with SFG20

"Can Maximo accept the xml file upload (downloaded from SFG20) in the absence of the API function?"
-This is not the most effective way of working - we did experiment with parsing the xml file but it was not as reliable as using the API. Also, if you are subscribing to the XML/PDF service, SFG20 will replace that subscription with the API service without charge upon request!

"When there is an update and they are sent through the API will it give an idea of how much more time will be require to complete the service?"
-This is a feature that can be easily added into Maximo! i.e a calculation can be made to identify if the overall time for a task has increased since the last version. This would require additional light configuration but can potentially become part of the standard offering.

"For Maximo user with numerous individual projects, can the API be made to be selective? That is not all projects to be updated automatically. There must be some control otherwise the updates may be applied globally . This may result in contractual non-compliance."
-Yes, an option can be enabled whereby the SFG20 PM is only applied to specific assets and not to others where bespoke PMs are appropriate or required, please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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